How We Work

The great thing about working with GBN Web Development is we are extremely flexible and agile in our approach to business and our clients.  We are open to structuring client relationships in many different ways with a key focus being on developing a win-win situation for both parties.

However, here is a general guideline of how we typically work with most clients:

1. We conduct a brief interview to determine your needs and if we are able to meet them.

2. If we are interested in the project and feel we could deliver a quality solution we would make some initial suggestions, which may include an initial proposal in written or verbal form. We will also discuss tentative pricing at this point if your job is outside our standard pricing plans.

3. If after these discussions you are eager to move forward we will then begin developing your website.  Our website development generally involves three phases:

  •  Initial Design – we forward you a mock-up/minimally functional design for you to approve the general look and feel of the website.
  • Development Work – we then begin programming, creating/inserting content, etc.  Once this is complete we contact you to demo the working site and gather your feedback.
  • Deployment – after completing any final tasks created as a result of your demo of the site we then finish the work and deploy your site to our high speed hosting.

4. We send you a subscription link to pay your first months website subscription fee and invoice you for any custom work and/or deployment fees.

That’s it, simple and to the point.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your project – you will have a hassle free experience, guaranteed.

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