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 Website Redesign

Are you aware that your company has the opportunity of accessing professional website redesign services by collaborating with GBN? Our website redesign services are result oriented and has been tailored to convey the right image and impression in the minds of your site visitors, thereby creating the needed result. If you run a small or medium scale enterprise (SME) like a small local shop for instance, we can help to redesign your website to target the needs of your current and prospective customers and assure them that you have the best solutions to their needs. More so, if you run a large-scale enterprise, we will create a proficient enterprise level website or redesign your existing website in order to achieve greater market outreach.

How do you know that your website needs the services of a website redesign company?

To understand whether your website needs a website redesign service, you need to answer the following questions;

      Is your website currently incapable of fulfilling all your online marketing objectives?
      Is there a need for additional functionalities?
      Do you need to update the content of your website?
      Is your website too technical and sophisticated for an average user to easily access?
      Would you like to add some elegant looks and feel to your website to upgrade your online image?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you definitely need the services of a website redesign company.

You might have an ugly website if your website is missing one of these features.

How it looks

Your business is unique, and for this reason, each website I create is tailor-made for its target market.

Fresh Content

The reason people visit your website is to find some content. It’s important that your content not only speaks in terms your customer knows, but gives them the information they need.


As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words..

How it behaves

Easy to Navigate. Your website should be easy to navigate for all of your visitors. Your links to navigate the website should also stand out and be in a familiar location.

Cross Browser

Compatible, your customers are visiting your site from a number of different platforms like their desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablets, and even cars!


Do you still have to call your web programmer every time you want to update something on your site? Should have gotten a CMS!

How it connects

Search Engine friendly. These days Google is pretty smart. Our websites have built-in features like meta-tags and headings which help Google know which content to search.

Contact Form

Contact forms are a great way to hear from your customers without having them leave your website.

Social Media Integration

Modern websites wouldn’t necessarily be modern without mentioning Social Media. It’s HUGE these days and about 90% of your customers use it.

If you need your website to be completely overhauled, GBN will give your website visitors a website appearance and message that is very persuasive. We guarantee that after implementing our strategic website redesign, your site’s new appearance will generate more leads than it currently does.

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