WordPress Tutorial – How to Make Changes to a WordPress Theme Sidebar Using a Text Editor

Posted on November 20, 2007 by Mark McLaren

This Advanced-level WordPress tutorial shows you how to edit the sidebar.php file that is part of a WordPress theme. This is an Advanced tutorial because you will use a text editor to work with the actual PHP file — and FTP software to download and upload the file to a web hosting server — rather than making edits using the WordPress Dashboard.

This tutorial assumes you know how to use a text editor on a Macintosh or on a Windows PC, and it assumes you have and know how to use FTP software to transfer files from a web server to your computer and back up to the server when finished editing. The standard text editing software on a Mac is TextEdit. McBuzz also recommends text editing software called BBEdit, because it highlights the different parts of a PHP or HTML file in different colors, making it much easier to read and edit the file. On a PC, standard text editing software is Notepad and WordPad, which come installed with Windows.

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