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Small Business Web Services

No matter how small your business is, you will always need the service of experts in certain areas. Largely, if you care about your business, you would consult a website professional. In our world today, you must never underrate the power of the internet. Meanwhile, there are certain experts who specialize in the use of the internet for marketing. Those are the set of people you will need to grow your business. At GBN Web Development, we offer small business web services to grow your business.

Small businesss web services may include: web design, web development, web redesigning, digital marketing, Google My Business etc. We are a team of web designers and online marketers laced with versatility. As a matter of fact, our services rendered are not limited to website creation. Yes, we have created tons of websites for our clients. And we have also gone all the way to create logo, update client’s website with rich contents and launch marketing campaign for several businesses across the United States of America.

Furthermore, you must be aware that our payment structure is not strictly a one-time payment. In short, we have a monthly payment structure in place that would allow you pay attention to your business with the available funds. We only require you to pay $64 every month. No stress. No hidden charges.

You need a local business web design, just like every other local 3’s you find on Google. GBN Web Development judiciously builds websites that present your company or product professionally. We take care to construct websites that are perfectly navigatable across all browsers. Most importantly, we build websites that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This means they will automatically format themselves to fit perfectly on whatever size screen they are displayed.

In the spirit of the new year, GBN currently runs a 50% off payment for our small business web services. That is, we will take half the price of our regular price to build your website. Terms and conditions apply to this mouthwatering offer.

No Small Business is Too Small to Have a Website

What we say to our clients at GBN Web Development is that no small business is too small to own a website. In fact, once you conceived your business idea, we recommend you speak to a web design specialist. They know best.

For more information and exposure to get your business running, you can reach us by clicking here.

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GBN is based out of Matteson, IL. But we service companies all across the United States at an affordable rate.

web design deal

50% Off Web Design Sale

50% Off Web Design Sale

web design deal

Get a great website at an even better price. We are offering 3 already built websites at over 50% off their normal price.

We are Offering Custom-Tailored Web Design, Development & SEO Optimized Website Services. Providing Free Consultancy, Pay Less & Order Now for Mobile-Friendly Custom Website.


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Hi my name is Virgil: Professional Web Designer/Developer and Social Media Manager for over 15 years. What makes me different than the competition: My pricing!
ALSO: I will zoom or video conference for YOU free of charge!! 

GBNWEBDEVELOPMENT.COM: My work and services can be viewed at SGBNWEBDEVELOPMENT.COM.

I expertise in WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, E-Commerce, Personal Blogs, Product Websites, Social Media Manager, Search Engine Optimization, Service Websites + more.

I can do almost any kind of website too.


👨‍💻  New Web $500+
👨‍💻  Monthly Web Maintenance $25
👨‍💻  Modern Logo $75
👨‍💻  Web Design Upgrade $250
👨‍💻  Add items to WooCommerce $25/item
👨‍💻  Web Firewall $29
👨‍💻  SEO (search engine optimization) $250
👨‍💻  Get More Customer Leads $299
👨‍💻  Business Cards (Design + Printed cards) $50 – $125
👨‍💻  Flyer/Brochure Design $50
👨‍💻  Hosting $100/year


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