What Your Customers Want To See On Your Website

What is on your website?

What's On Your WebsiteWhat do you want? A customer that buys from you on your website and never comes again or one that keeps on doing business with you repeatedly? Of course, even a toddler will prefer the second type of customer. But here comes the problem; there is a great difference between what we want and what we are able to achieve!

If you want customers to always come visit your website, stay for long, take action and come back for more, then you have to work towards it. You will need to build relationship with your customers if you want your business to be successful. In this age of automation and innovation, everything about your business has to perfect, starting from your website design, images, graphics, contents, tags, videos and much more.

In the word of Walt Disney ““Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” When you give your customers what they want, they will not only come again but this time around they will come with their friends.


How Can You Give Your Customers What They Want On Your Website?
Creating a customer-focused business is the only way you can be able to retain customers. In this age and time when there are so many businesses competing for the same customers, you will need to do a good job of convincing your customer that you are different. The truth is that most businesses are failing when it comes to the customer experience, this is indeed an opportunity for you to swoop in and enchant those same customers into falling for your company.

So you want to keep your customers and possibly get more? Read the tricks below on how to enchant your customers:

1. Write Great Web Content
It is so unfortunate today that most businesses do not focus on customers when writing contents for their website. Nowadays, you find businesses that are just throwing their offers at the customers without trying to add value to the customer first.

Now, come to think of it? Who would you trust more, the person that tries to help you or the one that comes to sell to you? Emotion plays a big part when it comes to customers taking action. Everybody likes the person that lends them a hand.

The best way to do business is to write content that will educate your customers about a problem and how to solve such problems. Your job as a business owner is to help your customers solve their problem. In doing so, not only will they reward you with their trust but they will also reward you with their patronage and even invite their friends to buy from you.

In fact, nothing is more important to a small businessman than a loyal customer. Even big brands spend thousands of dollars trying to build a brand customers can trust. You may not have enough resources like the big brands but you can use great contents to steal their customers.

Are you educating your customers? Are you helping them solve their problems? If you are not doing so, there is no need wondering why you are not getting so much customers and retaining the old ones.

You have to be more than just a seller to your buyers. They need you to be a friend, a guider and a confidant. Build great web contents today for your website and see customers flock your business.


2. Optimized Contents
When we talk about optimized content, we are not just talking about search engine algorithm, there are some keywords that customer want to see in your content just like search engine. You can use some “keyword tools” to discover those words and write your content around them. In doing so, you are not only satisfying your website visitors, you are also making it easier for search engine to rank your website higher.

Please note that you must write first for humans (your site visitors) before the search engine. Avoid over-stuffing your content with keywords just to get your content to rank higher by search engine.
We recommend leaving your contents in the hands of professionals if you want to strike a balance between great content for your visitors and optimized content for search engine. Professionals know exactly how to place your keywords in such a way it will flow naturally with your great content without seeming out of place.


3. Great Website Design
Of course, you cannot talk about great content without first considering your website design. This is the first thing your customer see once they arrive on your website. You must have heard the saying “you should not judge a book by its cover”. Well, don’t believe in this if you have a website. Your customers are judging your website by its design.

A great website design sends a strong message to your customers that you mean business. A customer wants to see a website that is designed by a professional. Professional web developers will not only give you great design that customers can trust, they will also help you make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Your website designer should know how to clearly define what your company offers, input your contact information, third-party validation, secure socket layer (SSL), and easy navigation.

Now you’ve known what your customers want, are you willing to give it to them on your website? Remember, the happier your customers are, the more likely they are going to do business with you over and over. Achieving all this may sound tough but when you use our professional web developers, it becomes easier. We have in-house experts who can talk with you today to help you bring to reality exactly what you want. We as well do an analysis of your current website and give you report how you can further develop it. Make use of our “Contact Us” page now to reach out to us and we will make a difference on your business.

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