Everyone Needs a Designer – Including You

Need a logo? Hire a designer. Who started this phenomenon of using photos of yourself, or your family's dog in place of a logo? Unless you're Colonel Sanders, or your dog stars in Target's commercials, don't do this. A thoughtful, well-designed logo goes a long way. A professional designer can create a bona fide brand that can carry your business to the next level. It is a one-time investment that will last, and make a huge impact on your business' credibility.

15 min Phone Call and/or Webinar

Thank you please remember to be available for meeting.

Optional dial-in #: 708-381-0426

Webinar address: https://www.screenleap.com/virgil_griffin


Virgil Griffin

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I offer High-Quality, professional websites. My focus is on small to medium-sized businesses seeking a truly unique online presence capable of competing in today's market.
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