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Local Search Marketing Works

If you want to get more traffic to your website you need to take advantage of local search marketing. If you’re trying to sell in the local area you need good search marketing so people in the local area can find you easily. You want people to be able to find your products and services in the local area.

Here at GBN Web Development we can help you get that all-important website traffic that you need to be successful. You need the right keywords that are optimized so you get the traffic you need to your website. By targeting specific phrases you’ll see an improvement in your local traffic numbers. You want to stay on the first page of Google and we can get you there for the low price of only $100 per month.

People are using their smartphones to look for businesses in their local area and you need your mobile site to be optimized to receive this traffic. There are thousands of people on the Internet that are looking for a business just like yours in the local area and by marketing to them with the bright keywords you’ll get that traffic that you need online for success.

Packages Include:

  • Competitor local listing analysis
  • Submission to aggregators
  • Citation and review analysis
  • Collection and syndication of reviews
  • Submission to local directories
  • Establish all major social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube)
  • Creation of reviews (Basic: 5, Plus: 7, & Premium: 10)
  • Business listing enhancement and optimization
  • Strategic Category Selection
  • 24/7 Online Project Access
  • 250 Lead Generation Geo Targeted Landing Pages
  • Monthly Report
  • Weekly Updates
  • Website on-page optimization for local SEO
  • Setup Google and Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign
  • Create/Consult on Facebook Place
  • Manage specials & coupons
  • Establish all major social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube)
  • Creation of 30 second video for your local listing
  • Create QR Code

If you need local traffic then you should use our services. We have everything you need for great local searches which will provide you with that traffic that you have been missing. If no one can find you online locally then you’re going to miss out on sales that you need.

Be Competitive
You need to be competitive online and if you’re competition is being found in the local searches and you’re not then you are throwing away a lot of money. By optimizing for local search you help your company stay completive with others and you get that traffic that you need.

Stay Relevant
People want to work with companies they can connect to with their mobile devices. If you’re not using local search marketing then you will not get the level of traffic you want. You have to be found on all devices not just the PC as mobile devices are quickly overtaking PC use.

Here at Here at GBN Web Development we can help you with your local search marketing so you stay visible, stay competitive, and get that traffic that you need to your website.

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