GBN Website Development, Repair, and SEO, Low-Cost, US-Based, WordPress, and Other Services

GBN Website Development offers Repair, and SEO, Low-Cost, US-Based, WordPress, and Other Services.

We will address your website difficulties, whether you require a low-cost new website, bespoke programming, restoring a damaged or hacked website, or bringing you more traffic.

Virgil Griffin, the founder of GBN Web Development, is where it all begins. I’ve been constructing, fixing, and advertising websites since 2005, yet I’m still not an expert. As a result, I’ve established a team of specialists from the United States. If I am unable to assist you, I can refer you to the appropriate specialist within the organization.

We provide anything from quick phone guidance to full-service site development, including bespoke programming, SEO, and social media marketing. The cost can be unexpectedly cheap, frequently less than that of offshore outsourcing, but with superior quality and communication.

The cheap price is due to experience. We’ve done what you’re looking for several times previously. We charge more than the high school kid down the street, but we get it done faster and correctly the first time, so it ends up costing you less. Occasionally, much less! For example, if all you want is a simple one-page website, it may be constructed for less than $100.

On the opposite end of the scale, we can help you with your most difficult web development problems. We are frequently asked to fix hacked and damaged WordPress and other websites. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes. Our smallest bill was $25.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about web developers that overpay, do what they want instead of what you want, take forever, and occasionally can’t even finish the work. Then there are webmasters that would not even provide you with the passwords to your own website. If anyone else in the group was acting like that, I’d kick them out. In reality, I did expel one member for not treating a client properly. Everyone is nice and communicative while being professional.

One of the group members will even design your website before you invest a dime. You don’t have to pay until you approve the design.

Perhaps your website isn’t getting enough traffic. That, too, can be fixed, sometimes spectacularly. My most successful customer increased his monthly traffic from three to over 14,000 per day. In a more typical scenario, a website received 375,000 unique users over the course of four months. There are SEO businesses out there who want to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for services that don’t work the majority of the time!

We have two excellent SEO professionals and a social media marketer on staff that can make a significant impact in your company’s success. They will charge you considerably less and will gladly show you all the tricks if you want to do it yourself.

Some of our clients like learning to maintain their own websites so that they don’t have to employ someone for every minor adjustment, and because it can be a creative and exciting process. I and a few other members of the group are happy to provide instruction over the phone and via screen sharing.

Call me at (708) 381-0426, Virgil.

What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve had several praises on my website. Thank you very much!”

“I engaged Virgil a year ago to help with some basic website creation, but after witnessing his competence and professionalism, I asked him to embark on much larger projects. He repeatedly demonstrated that there was no project he couldn’t manage. Learning to design and create websites has always been a dream of mine, so I began paying Virgil for coaching and quickly discovered that he is also a gifted instructor. He is patient, well-spoken, precise, and an overall pleasant guy to deal with.

His cost is reasonable, his reaction time is lightning fast, and he knows more about web design than most pricey developers nowadays. There is no firm I would suggest more highly if you need a properly created responsive website, developer mentoring, website debugging, website hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or anything else web related.”
Adam M.

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