Do You Need a Consulting Web Page?

Consulting web pages are websites specifically tailored made for consultants in different niches. If you are here, it means you want to know how to build your consulting web pages. Meanwhile, whatever reason you have found yourself here, this succinct write up will help.

Invariably, we will be getting an increasing number of professions day-by-day. This is because of the advancement and easy accessibility of knowledge. As a matter of fact, a huge number of professionals have been born on the internet.

Due to this and other several factors, some professionals choose to not be employed. Rather, they are self-employed. They own their own business or consultation company. Now, here is where things get interesting.  Keep reading.

Most importantly, if you are a business owner or consultant, you need a website. Trust me, you will struggle to make sales without a website, especially for a consultant.

Why You need a Consulting Web Page

First, you will be competitive in your niche. I did some quick research. I used the keyword “Chicago business consultant” on Google, it came back with about 208,000,000 results. In spite of this huge number, do you know you can’t sample all the SERPs Google gave you? At most, you will get to page 3 of the results (very few does).

The first page of Google is where most clicks happen. So, as a consultant who knows his business, to stay on this first page, you need an optimized website. You can learn more about creating an afffordable website here.

Consulting Web Page
A screenshot of SERPs on Google

Second, having a website gives you relevance and uniqueness. In other words, owning a well structured and beautiful website exudes you of professionalism. Once your clients smell professionalism, they hear a voiceless statement that says you are reliable.

Third, when you have a website, it gives room to build your reputation. If you don’t have a consulting web page, you will struggle to build your reputation. At a point in your career, your reputation will sell you not your adverts. Reputation management is a whole new business strategy you should master. When you have done well for your clients, you will get positive reviews on Google. According to experts, a positive review is a factor Google uses in ranking.


This is reputation management
A screenshot of our clients review on Google

Finally, having your website show your brand to the world. It allows you to acquire leads. Also, it gives you organic search results. That is, you will acquire clients without paid adverts.

In choosing a web design company, going through this article will be of an immense resource.

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