There are 19 real estate marketing ideas to help you produce more leads.

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There are 19 real estate marketing ideas to help you produce more leads.

There are many of possibilities to grow an audience and draw new clients and prospects into your real estate pipeline, whether you’re an established real estate agent, broker, or realtor or just starting started.

Only 69 percent of sales agents have a website, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2021 study. This is only one of several huge advantages you may take advantage of to outperform the competition.

Continue reading for  19 real estate marketing ideas to help you improve your marketing channels, produce more leads, and grow your real estate marketing firm.

According to the NAR, 41% of new home buyers started their search online, and 95% of all buyers utilized web tools to seek and evaluate houses at some time. As a result, in today’s digital marketing landscape, keeping a high-quality online presence is critical.

Starting with constructing a website, here are six ways to accomplish so.

Create a website first.
Your website is the foundation of your real estate firm, providing information about you and your services to potential clients. This is critical for generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

Your website should be simple to use, beautiful, and tailored to your target demographic. If your core audience is first-time house purchasers, for example, you may want an eye-catching design with useful information.

Here are some further website suggestions:

Create a separate landing page for your campaign. A well-designed landing page that speaks to visitor intent can be an effective approach to obtain contact information in exchange for useful content (or a free service such as a valuation).

Make your website mobile-friendly. According to the National Association of Realtors, mobile devices will account for up to 50% of all new home research in 2021. Optimize your website for mobile so that it works on any device to ensure you don’t miss out on important possibilities.

Showcase your listings. Your website is the ideal location for displaying your listings. To succeed, optimize each listing and keep it current — more on that later.

Each of your agents should have a full bio. Include a descriptive about page that introduces each team member, whether you have a team or are a solo practitioner, to strengthen your audience’s relationship.

Include answering services that are automated. Consider internet chatbots, Facebook messages that are sent automatically, and triggered email responses. These technologies in your real estate sales stack can communicate with potential clients 24 hours a day, allowing them to schedule an appointment without having to talk with you.

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2. Produce excellent content to attract inbound leads.
Any real estate marketing strategy must include the creation of search engine optimized (SEO) content. SEO content aids Google’s recognition of your website as an authoritative source, increasing your chances of appearing in the top search results.

Here are some content ideas for real estate:

Make a local guide. This could be in the form of infographics or neighborhood maps that highlight prospects nearby facilities, schools, transportation, food, and recreational options. These local guides are useful for anyone considering relocating to your area, and they can also help you establish yourself as a local expert. Remember to include a call-to-action (CTA) as well as your contact information.

Publish a blog on a regular basis. Blogs aid SEO and are an excellent method to keep prospective clients informed about new listings. They allow you to give relevant information that addresses your audience’s questions. You may, for example, create a series that addresses questions like “Should I reside in this area?” or “Is this neighborhood appropriate for families?”

Produce high-definition videos. Video marketing is a great complement to your website, social media, and email marketing initiatives because it allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way. Keep an eye on your stats as you create video content to see what’s working and what isn’t. A well-rounded campaign should boost traffic and leads; if all you’re doing is raising traffic, you may need to tweak your strategy.

Tips for generating leads in real estate prospecting

3. Make your listings more appealing.
You’ll lose potential buyers and sellers if you publish listings with insufficient information. Buyers will be drawn to listings that are both informative and attractive. They are, however, advantageous to potential property sellers who see the effort and quality that goes into your listings.

Here are a few pointers on how to write high-quality listings:

Include specific details in your descriptions. Listings frequently contain little information or leave out key details. If a potential buyer visits the house and discovers something that makes it inappropriate for them, this might waste time for both you and them. By adequately describing the property, you can increase the number of qualified purchasers who are interested in it.

Take high-resolution photographs. Great images that highlight a property’s essential features are required if you want to pique buyers’ interest in it. A professional real estate photographer is recommended since they have the skills and equipment to make a property stand out.

Make a video tour available. This is similar to a virtual walkthrough of a house and can assist buyers get a feel for the house before visiting. It became popular during lockdowns. People have come to expect this level of comfort (rather than having to visit each house in person). Those looking at residences across state lines will benefit from video tours since they will be able to get a feel for the place without having to travel.

Include a map if possible. A neighborhood map is a terrific method to show potential buyers what’s nearby that might pique their interest. This is also an excellent spot to include a previously developed local guide or blog article.

4. Keep your Google Business Profile up to date.
Your Google Business Profile is a brief description of your business that appears in Google Maps and includes information such as reviews, location, and hours of operation. If it satisfies a person’s search criteria, it appears in Google’s search results, and it’s a simple approach to attract local shoppers (and sellers).

You’re losing out in a few ways if you don’t have a professional-looking and up-to-date business profile:

Google will rank your business lower in the search results if there are many versions of your business on the web (for example, Facebook and another website with a different address or phone number).

People may regard business profiles that are incomplete or out-of-date as less trustworthy.

Include your logo, opening hours, contact information, and other vital information about your firm when creating your Business Profile. At first look, these elements serve to raise your exposure and strengthen the reputation of your company.

5. Increase the frequency of your email marketing initiatives.
Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to nurture leads, boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate income. Email marketing, according to Litmus, has a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent. Despite this, the real estate industry’s click rate is only 0.76 percent, less than half of the national average (1.32 percent ). This is a great possibility for expansion.

Here are some strategies to add into your email marketing strategy to accomplish these email marketing benefits:

Send out a newsletter on a regular basis. A newsletter is an excellent supplement to any email marketing campaign since it is the most direct way to communicate important information to your mailing list. You may incorporate fresh listings, market trends, and other relevant information to keep your audience interested.

In your email signature, include important information. Potential clients will have all of the information they need to follow up with you if you include your logo, contact information, and website address in your signature. It also gives you a more professional appearance, which increases your credibility and trustworthiness.

Segmentation and automation can help you improve the results of your email marketing strategy. Segmentation is an important aspect of any email list management strategy since it allows you to establish targeted email lists to which you can deliver different content. As a result, you’ll be able to send more relevant content to those who are more likely to convert. Furthermore, adopting a sophisticated email marketing solution to automate your email marketing plan allows you to stay on top of your campaigns and keep in touch with your subscribers with no effort.

6. Extend your social media reach
If you want to raise brand exposure, social media marketing is essential. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok are some of the most popular social networking networks. Each of these will appeal to a particular demographic and may be used in a variety of ways to boost your visibility and generate leads.

For example, you may build a business profile on Facebook and target potential customers with customised Facebook ads. Instagram and TikTok are the greatest for acquiring followers by combining social media postings with photographs and videos to capitalize on current trends (and popular hashtags).

YouTube is a great way to diversify your content marketing strategy and provide value to your audience through informative videos. Virtual tours and CTAs that link to your website can also be included on YouTube.

Finally, LinkedIn is an effective professional networking tool that allows you to develop your network and interact with peers in your field.

Here are some more tips to help you improve your social media marketing:

Organize competitions, polls, and AMAs (ask me anything). These can aid in audience growth and engagement, as well as direct market research. Polls, for example, can help you gain a better sense of what kind of house people want and how many homeowners in your area want to sell. On each of the platforms provided, you can host contests and interact with your audience.

Make influencers a part of the process. Influencers are persons that have a significant, engaged social media audience that can be reached through collaborations. Do some research to see if their audience is similar to yours, and see if there are any ways you might partner for mutual gain. If that’s the case, contact them to see if they’re interested in collaborating with you.

Use websites like Zillow and HomeSnap to help you find a home. Zillow is the most popular real estate website in the United States, and it provides you with a platform to display your listings to a huge audience for a modest monthly fee. HomeSnap is a similar service that helps agents connect with potential clients by providing real-time information on listings.

Advertisements must be paid for. You might have specific real estate marketing ideas in mind, such as focusing on young families with dogs. Facebook and YouTube, for example, are great for this type of customized advertising. Likewise, Google local search advertisements can help display your business to those that are more likely to convert.

Embedding social sharing icons in your listings is a good idea. When looking for a new home, people want to share properties with their spouses, friends, and family to receive their feedback. Helping them do so with sharing buttons is an easy method to enhance your social media presence.

6 offline real estate marketing concepts
While online marketing is becoming increasingly popular, don’t forget about your offline marketing strategy.

Here are some offline real estate marketing concepts for you to consider:

1. Organize open homes.
For most purchasers, seeing a house in person is a must before making a purchase decision. Open houses provide this opportunity to potential local buyers, as well as the opportunity to meet you and discuss the house and community in greater depth.

You can think of your open house as a top-of-funnel sales activity, as well as a bottom-of-funnel sales activity aimed at those who are ready to buy. Gather the contact information of each visitor and enter it into your customer relationship management system (CRM). Those who aren’t ready to buy the house in your event can be nurtured through an email series that includes purchasing and selling suggestions as well as “pre-listing” sneak peaks.

2. Organize or participate in community events
Community activities are a fantastic way to advertise your real estate business in your neighborhood. These local events can help you honestly engage with potential clients while also providing them with important information about your company.

Make an effort to attend events that are directly relevant to real estate or your company’s ideals. This way, you won’t stand out as an outlier, and you’ll be more likely to form a bond with your local market.

3. Get connected with local businesses and consider sponsorships
Partnering with local businesses, charities, or community groups is one of the most effective ways to improve your brand’s presence in a specific place. These collaborations allow for cross-promotion, advertising, and greater lead generation.

10 real estate cold calling scripts to help you get more leads

Here are some pointers on how to sell your partnership:

Collaborate with a local business to cross-promote clients. You might wish to team up with a local moving firm or a furniture warehouse that has clients who are comparable to yours. You can promote one other’s businesses on your platforms by partnering.

Support a local sports team, charity, or community organization by becoming a sponsor. Sponsoring a local group is a terrific way to get your company’s name out there. Local sports teams, charities, and hobbyist clubs are frequently asking for small sponsorships to help them continue their activities. They will allow you to show placards, advertisements, and other items at their events or on their equipment in exchange.

4. Produce high-quality stationery and signage
Another wonderful strategy to get your brand out there is to create high-quality promotional material. You can hand out these papers at open houses and events, and they include your company’s name and contact information.

Business cards, pens, water bottles, and keychains are just a few examples of essential materials. Consider eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled notepads, pencils, and reusable straws.

Also, take into account the signage you employ at open houses and events. Your logo and vital information should be displayed in a large enough type for passers-by (including walkers and automobiles) to read easily.

5. Create a professional-looking mailer
Mailers for the real estate sector are an excellent approach to generate leads and raise brand awareness. This could involve the following:

a brochure outlining your offerings

“Are you ready to purchase or sell?” reads a flyer. Providing important information about your company

Local listings in a magazine

An announcement of a forthcoming event or open house

Make sure your direct mail is made of high-quality materials, has a fantastic design, and includes all of the essential information for generating real estate leads.

6. Place ads in local newspapers and newsletters
One of the old realtor advertising techniques that still works today is placing ads in local publications. Local newsletters, newspapers, and other geographically tailored publications will help you reach the people who are most likely to require your services.

You may, for example, write a monthly piece for your local newspaper. This might include customer testimonials, housing market trends, or a guide for first-time purchasers.

The key is to find content that is relevant and beneficial to the readers of the journal, as this will boost your visibility as an expert, attract traffic to your website, and grow your following.

7 novel real estate marketing concepts
Here are some creative real estate marketing ideas to help you improve your strategy and attract more buyers and sellers.

1. Expand your referral base.
According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2021, 47% of buyers hired an agent who was recommended to them by a friend, neighbor, or relative, and 90% would recommend their agent to others.

Many folks relocate across state lines or even out of your neighborhood. If these individuals contact your company, you may easily recommend them to a real estate agent in the area where they want to buy. When you suggest a client to an agent, these mutually advantageous partnerships will help you find clients or receive a referral fee from them.

If you do get a recommendation, make sure to send a thank-you gift (even if the deal doesn’t go through). This will aid in the maintenance of your professional ties, allowing them to continue to refer you to new clients.

2. Request testimonies
Past clients who have been satisfied can help you gain reputation and confidence. Reach out to any former clients that you assisted in a successful sale to see if they’d be willing to say a few words in your favor.

These testimonials can be displayed on your website so that potential clients can see how many people you’ve helped achieve a positive outcome.

Similarly, you should aim to get as many reviews for your firm as feasible. Your company’s visibility will improve as a result of the reviews it receives. They also allow you to reply to comments and demonstrate that you are involved and concerned about your client’s progress.

3. Make use of aerial photos using a drone.
In real estate marketing, drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. Drone photography aids in providing an overview of your real estate listings, particularly those on larger sites or with intricate layouts. Drones can also be used to do fly-throughs of properties that can be turned into video tours.

4. Take use of virtual staging
It may be required to stage the home depending on the listing. Because locating decorators and employing a moving company to deliver and arrange furniture can take time and money, staging can be time-consuming and costly. It can, however, significantly improve the sensation of homeliness and increase your chances of selling.

Virtual staging is a fantastic new option. Virtual staging software can now be used to create stunning images (or movies) of your listing. Without utilizing real furniture or paying for a moving firm, this program can help you transform an empty structure into a welcoming home.

5. Provide free home appraisals
Complementary services are an excellent way to attract new customers and encourage them to engage with your company. You may integrate many online home valuation tools into your website to provide visitors with an estimate of their property’s market value.

When a visitor clicks to find out how much their house is worth, they will be asked to enter their email address and subscribe to your newsletter. This is a simple method to add value to your prospect while also gathering their information so you can continue to nurture them.

6. Identify a market niche
Niche marketing allows you to hyper-target specific audiences. You may, for example, base your specialization on the sort of property you’re selling, the type of buyer you’re targeting (e.g., active young families), or the area you’re selling in. Develop a marketing campaign that will target that audience once you’ve decided on a specialty.

Consider local magazines, social media groups, and signs if you’re targeting customers in a certain neighborhood. You could also consider creating a separate social media account and landing page to build traction if there’s a niche in your area that needs to be filled.

7. Use powerful tools to automate your marketing.
When real estate agents use an efficient real estate CRM, they are 26 percent more productive. A CRM centralizes all of your data, allowing you to better manage your leads, prospects, and customers.

You may organize your properties, investors, and purchasers into pipelines, for example, so you never lose sight of a transaction. You can also keep track of your interactions and set reminders to follow up with customers.

Finally, some thoughts
According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2021, 73 percent of buyers only spoke with one realtor during their home hunt. You may improve your chances of being that one agent and closing more deals by incorporating these ideas into your real estate marketing strategy.

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