15 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business Growth In 2022

Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business Growth

You’ll need to identify the correct digital marketing plan to attract and convert potential customers once you’ve established your business idea and market. A strong marketing strategy should include, among other things, your company’s values, value proposition, and key demographics. It should also employ both online and offline marketing tactics. Here are 15 marketing strategies to help you expand your business in 2021.

1. Create a Google My Business Account
Google My Business is a Google tool that allows users to look for businesses using Google Search and Maps. This tool is free and should be a part of your digital marketing plan because it allows you to maintain your Google profile. Your business can use this profile to take advantage of the Google Business Listing and include important information like your physical location, working hours, and contact information.

You can share corporate photos and videos just like you would on a social media platform. Insights are another feature of the platform that you can utilize to learn how people find your business online and where they come from. You can also include qualities like a website URL, Wi-Fi access, and wheelchair accessibility in your business. Need GMB help?

2. Blogging is Number Two.
Marketing requires you to create educational material for your leads and clients. Blogging is an important aspect of any content marketing plan, according to studies. Marketers that use blogs earn 67 percent more leads than those who don’t. More crucially, marketers who create useful content are 13 times more likely to get a good return on investment.

With a company blog, you can inject your personality into the content you provide. Because they generate content that links back to your site, blogs are often used in other digital marketing strategies. You enhance the traffic to your website by generating backlinks to your blog.

3. Marketing Tactics for Social Media
Because you can develop your fan base and enhance your sales on social platforms, they are an important part of your total digital marketing plan. You may use social media to promote new items, exchange information, and engage directly with customers, and you can save time by employing tools to manage all of your social media accounts. A social media account is used as both a marketing tool and a sales platform in this situation.

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Reddit are all popular platforms. The platforms you use in your social media marketing campaigns are determined by your target demographic. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest should all be included in your social media marketing efforts if your business is centered on photography. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit, on the other hand, will function better if your digital marketing plan is built on blogging.

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is the undisputed monarch. Because you can target your ads for a specific audience, Facebook Ads are an ideal alternative for social media marketing. With 500 million monthly users, Instagram is the most popular social media platform and has social engagement rates 58% higher than Facebook.

Boost Your Business Growth

4. Optimization for Search Engines
Search engines will direct your content to a user’s search result page if you optimize the content you offer on your website, blog, or YouTube channel. SEO allows you to increase organic traffic to your website and improve your ranking in search results. You should concentrate on three sorts of SEO:

On-page SEO is concerned with the use of keywords, long-tail keywords, titles, metatags, SEO-friendly URLs, and title modifiers, among other things.

The backlinks to your website are the focus of off-page SEO. Guest posting is a great technique to get your blog backlinks and enhance your search engine rankings.

Technical SEO is the process of upgrading the technical features of your website in order to increase its search engine rankings. Search engines scour the internet and show web pages to users based on how easy they are to use. As a result, improving your marketing strategy by making your website crawlable, quick, and secure.

5. Email Marketing is Number Five.
Your cold outreach marketing approach will not be complete without an email marketing campaign. Given that consumers receive multiple marketing emails per day, you need to develop a strategy that stands out from the crowd and converts your leads into customers. To begin, the emails should be tailored for each recipient and designed to be legible on both computers and mobile devices.

You may easily construct a successful email drip campaign and send emails to hundreds of people using internet tools. You can access analytics and see how many people subscribe to your email list, read your emails, and unsubscribe with the correct tools.

6. Tools for Increasing Sales Productivity
To reduce downtime and boost efficiency, marketing works hand-in-hand with sales productivity solutions. Different tools enable video conversations, conferencing, and webinars, as well as lead creation, email marketing, and CRM. Salesforce is an example of a sales engagement platform (SEP), which is essential for email monitoring and CRM. SEPs are designed to assist your sales force in delivering high-quality encounters and, as a result, marketing your band.

Optimizing your sales productivity tools, on the other hand, should be accompanied by precise calculations. A sales productivity formula can help you achieve this. Though there is no one-size-fits-all method for calculating sales productivity, there are a few indicators you can use to see if your B2B marketing strategies are effective.

Conversion rates, for example, are a fantastic indicator of your sales productivity formula. Knowing your conversion rates can help you identify which marketing methods are producing the most leads and which need to be tweaked or abandoned. Finally, remember to concentrate on salesforce forecasting while estimating future sales. The greatest sales forecasting software will assist you in rerouting future resources in order to increase income.

7. Make Use of Video Marketing
Video is a quick and effective way to get your message through to your audience. It demonstrates to your customers exactly what your product can achieve for their company. According to Aberdeen Group research, organizations that use video as part of their marketing plan see a 49 percent increase in income annually compared to those that don’t. The findings apply to both B2C and B2B marketing campaigns.

Your company should take advantage of video as it becomes an increasingly important part of content marketing strategy. In addition to YouTube, services like Drift Video now provide B2B video marketing techniques by combining video and conversations to Boost Your Business Growth.

8. Search Engine Optimization
You can invest in search engine marketing once you’ve increased your organic traffic with SEO (SEM). With Google accounting for 35% of all product searches, it’s critical to use search engines to appear on the first page of results. Make sure you have the correct SEM tools before you engage in a Google Ad campaign. SEMRush, Google Trends, Google Ads Keyword Planner, and Spyfu are some of the greatest SEM tools.

9. Podcasts
Podcasts are an excellent approach to not only acquire insight into marketing strategies but also to disseminate information about your company’s products. A podcast featuring content created by you or a business representative is another approach to discuss the solutions you offer. The best aspect of participating in a podcast is that you can sell your company to other people’s audiences while doing so. You also get validation from a variety of audiences, which helps you create your online authority and Boost Your Business Growth.

10. Hosting Webinars is Number Ten.
According to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers use webinars, and 35% believe that webinar marketing will become increasingly important in the future. Why? Webinars are a way for companies to share their expertise while also generating leads. Webinars are appealing since they cover interesting themes and allow viewers to see what your products are capable of. Record your webinar broadcasts so that leads can watch them later. They’re a great way to turn leads into paying consumers.

11. Organizing an Event
Offline marketing is used in B2B event marketing. It allows you to communicate directly with possible clients and leads. With the average CMO investing 24% of their budget to event marketing, this is a technique worth considering for your company.

There are various methods to use event marketing to your advantage. The first is to register for displays in order to create leads. The second is VIP dinners and conferences to network with C-level executives and enhance your brand’s presence in the industry.

12. Collaborate with a Marketing Firm
Managing a complete marketing plan for a small business can be exhausting. Outsourcing your marketing in this scenario is a good decision. You can benefit from the complete knowledge of marketing professionals at a lesser cost when you use a third party. Marketing firms are used by 63 percent of B2B marketers to achieve their marketing objectives. Professionals will also provide you with a perfect marketing strategy example and allow you to visualize your future.

13. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
The act of focusing your marketing resources on a single prospect is known as account-based marketing. More than 60% of businesses intend to initiate an ABM campaign for a variety of reasons. First, because the company concentrates on a particular prospect, it allows for specialization.

Because every marketing campaign has a trackable ROI, creating attribution reports is also easier with ABM. Because you focus most of your resources on satisfying their demands, ABM also shortens your sales cycle and strengthens your relationship with existing clients.

14. Automated Marketing
The adoption of AI tools in your marketing plan will save your team time that they may devote to other tasks. You can choose from a variety of tools on the market. Investing in SEO tools, A/B testing, and email advertising solutions is critical when it comes to marketing experiences. Consider CRM, CMS, and e-commerce solutions for your marketing backbone, as well as data protection and management technologies for a seamless marketing experience.

15. Making Use of Big Data
Big data is transforming several industries, including marketing. Data can help you enhance the quality of your leads, improve client experiences, and help management make better business decisions. You can identify your leads, figure out your finest marketing methods, and direct your resources to the correct audiences with the help of a data analyst.

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